• Image of ELECTRIC YOUTH #1

Inspired by actual events, as well as beloved novels and films such as Stand By Me and The Stepford Wives, ELECTRIC YOUTH #1 is a 28 page, full color, coming of age comic thriller that features the creative talents Kyle Roberts, Clay Adams (Fried Comics), Rafael Dantas (Action Lab Comics) and Emilio Pilliu (ZZZ Comics).

The story: Ever feel like you weren't the kid your parents wanted you to be? Jeff Eckard does. And when he and his dad move to Irvine, California in the Fall of 1989, things only get worse. Because almost all the kids in this boring-ass town seem gut-churningly perfect. So when Jeff and his friends go dumpster diving behind the local Quickie Mart, they’re just looking for a little...stimulation? Instead, Jeff finds a dead body.

Only, no one believes him. Not his friends, not his dad, no one. It’s up to Jeff to get the evidence himself, but his investigation uncovers an even more horrifying secret...

“Electric Youth is an exhilarating slice of '80s Americana that proudly flaunts the genre conventions of the decade's teen movies in a loving homage.” - Comicbookyeti.com

* Each comic comes signed by cover artist/writer Kyle Roberts.

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